Owning a home is the American dream. T.C. Rogers Homes can make that dream come true. We listen to prospective home buyer’s wants and needs, and as a custom builder, help you find an efficient floor plan. We also keep prices down by including generous allowances along with top of the line upgrades. We have over 30 years of quality, exceptional value and customer satisfaction, which sets us apart from other home builders of single family homes in Butler County. We will remodel your home or finish the lower level.

Custom Homes

When we build in a new section of a subdivision we provide buyers with the most popular options “bundled” as standard to offer the most value for the least cash. In our “market” homes, at the present time, we are only building homes on a pre-sale basis with the buyers own financing.


Custom Remodels and features:
Update curb appeal with new fronts
New kitchens and baths
Screened-in rooms or decks
New siding or stone accents
Correct drainage issues
Paved sidewalks and patios

Disability Enhancements

We provide additional comfort to home owners with special needs, due to physical impairments.
Some may include:
Doorway and hallway widening
Electrical switches lowered
Improve air circulation

About TC

Over 30 years ago, T.C. Rogers of T.C. Roger Homes, Inc., entered the residential home field. After building more than 600 homes, including one successful Homearama entry, the company occupies a place among the top echelon of today’s builders. Constant creation of new, innovative design features ensures that T.C. Rogers Homes, Inc.’s plans are unique and appealing to today’s most discriminating buyers. Ongoing evaluation of construction materials and practices provide a strong, long lasting house to protect tomorrow’s home values. The motto “Grand Homes” on the T.C. Rogers Homes, Inc. sign comes from the belief that a combination of design, quality, and service creates a “grand” home that meets the high standards new home buyers expect. While continually constructing market homes in the most popular price ranges, T.C. Rogers Homes, Inc. also offers only a limited number of custom homes each year in order to maintain its high quality standards.

Located in Butler County, Ohio